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About Highland Radio

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Highland Radio’s broadcast started in 1990, and operates as a local commercial radio from its Letterkenny studios. Highland Radio is one of the most listened to local radio stations in Co Donegal, and is also available in more parts of North West Ireland. Highland Radio is in the ownership of Orangold Ltd.
Highland Radio is the primary local information source for the radio listeners of North West Ireland, because Highland Radio broadcasts more often local news, current affairs, sports, travel, weather and has more speech in its programme structure than the mainly music-oriented radios. Nevertheless there is no shortage of good and varied music as the playlist is built generally from the last 30 years’ best pop, but in decade oriented music programmes also the 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s classic pop hits span the timescale of Highland Radio pop selection. But besides the pop, Highland Radio specialist music programmes shift the music diversification further, as Irish music, Irish- and American country, dance, R&B, indie and alternative genres expand the sound-kit.
Highland Radio refreshes the weekday mornings of North West Ireland from 6:30am to 9am with “The Naughty Alarm Clock with Lee Gooch”. On Saturday the “Saturday Breakfast with Canice Wilson” from 7am to 10am wakes the listeners. The Sunday mornings of Highland Radio are in the spirit of religion, as from 8am to 12am “The Aidan Murphy Show” brings gospel music, religious service and uplifting inspirations to the listeners.

Highland Radio’s music genre: pop, dance, country, Irish, indie, alternative, classic

Highland Radio availability: You can tune in with your traditional analogue radio in Donegal, and in parts of Derry and Tyrone, for the detailed FM allocation, check the Frequencies section below, and the Frequency Map. Highland Radio is available digitally by its online radio stream.

Highland Radio 's slogan: “Ireland’s No.1 Local Station”


E-mail: enquiries[kukac]highlandradio.com

Postal address: Highland Radio, Pine Hill, Letterkenny, Co. Donegal, Ireland

Phone: (+353) 07491 25000 (Check your phone provider about actual call costs)

SMS: (+353) 086 60 25000 (Get informed by your network provider about SMS service costs)

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/highlandradio
Twitter: https://twitter.com/highlandradio
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/highlandradiodonegal
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCsMsc57thWcmxOwuiFL2T9g
SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/highlandradionews
Website: https://www.highlandradio.com

Highland Radio frequencies

Ardara - 104.7 FMBallybofey, Co Donegal - 94.7 FMCastlefin - 102.1 FMDerry & East Co Donegal - 103.3 FMEast Innishowen - 104.7 FMGlenties - 104.7 FMGortahotk - 102.6 FMLifford - 102.1 FMNorth Innishowen - 104.5 FMWest Co Donegal - 95.2 FM
Highland Radio Frequency map
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Highland Radio's schedule28

03:00 - Jukebox
07:00 - Saturday Breakfast with Canice Wilson
Music based programme with up to the minute information on weather, travel and interesting items from the day’s newspapers.
10:00 - Local, National, International News and Obituary Notices.
Ten minute local, national and international news bulletin presented by a member of the Highland Radio News team.
10:10 - Rewind with Rory Farrell
A blend of classics and oldies
12:00 - The Pio Mc Cann Country Show
American and Irish Country music based programme with interviews, requests and dedications.
14:00 - Local, National, International News and Obituary Notices.
10 min. local, national and international news bulletin provided by the Highland Radio News team.
14:10 - Saturday Sport Presented/produced by the Highland Sports team.
The latest developments in local, national and international sport featuring match previews, interviews and commentary with a clear local emphasis. National and international news updates hourly.
18:00 - Getting Ready To Go Show with Keith Fletcher
Dance and Chart Hits
20:00 - Saturday Night Selection with Joe Decks
An Eclectic mix of music.Indie and Alternative Past and present.
22:00 - ‘The Big Party’ with Paul Mc Devitt
Classic vocal and orchestral music from the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s and 80’s, presented in a relaxed manner. Jokes, stories and audience interaction via text and email.