Do You like your radio to be listed on Ireland's popular radio site, which has thousands of visitors daily? You just have to send your application on our form here! Please note, that there are a few conditions for a successful evaluation, because our aim is to filter out the low quality radios, and by that to compile a quality radio list!

- At least 40 listeners during prime time. To verify the radio's listenership figures, we may need to check the radio's server status page.
- If your radio's listenership does not reach that level, we could make an exception if your radio has daily live programme, analogue frequency, or other aspects which make your radio unique. If there are no special features of the radio, there is an option for paid highlight, which involves a one-off cost.
- Your radio station must have a valid contract with the competent authorities, and must have the necessary licences.
- Send us at least 400 characters long description about your radio. Including the radio's launch-date, the founders, its availability, the target age-group, the most played music genres, and the types of the broadcasted radio programmes. Any information could be useful to help the listeners get to know the radio better!
- Our logo shall be placed on the radio's website! We'll send the logo after uploading the radio to our site. It is convenient if the logo is placed at the footer of the site, or among the other partners on the site.

We grant embeddable web-player to the radios which are displayed on our site. Our web-player can show the title of the currently played song, the list of previously played songs, programme schedule, and webcam option is available too. We update the source-code of the web-player, and we fix the occuring malfunctions for free. More information >>

Successful submission!

Do You like your radio to be successful on our site? Then read this little guide!

If we accept your appeal, it is not sure, that your radio will appear on the main page of our list. Maybe it will land below the "More Radios" button, so it will appear only if that button is pressed.

How can You get your radio's position to a more prominent height in the list?

Share on Facebook, that your radio is available on our website, and place a Partner Link to your website, which points to your radio on We provide You a banner for this, which is available on the Radio embedding page.  If You've completed these tasks, send it to us. For completing 1 condition, your radio will be placed on the 40th position, and for completing both conditions, we'll place your radio on the 30th position for the first 30 days, and we will share your radio on our Facebook and Twitter pages too!

After the first 30 days, your radio's position will be adjusted according to its popularity on our website. So, if the first month is successful, the good long-term position is guaranteed.