Highland Radio frequency - Highland Radio frequencies

Find out the available frequencies of Highland Radio! This radio broadcast can be received on 7 frequencies in Ireland. If You find false information in the frequency list, please tell us in the comment box at the bottom of the page, and we will fix it!

Castlefin - 102.1 FMFinn Valley - 94.7 FMInishowen - 104.5, 104.7 FMLifford Border - 102.1 FMNorth Donegal - 103.3 FMSouth Donegal - 104.7 FMWest Donegal - 95.2, 102.6 FM
The broadcast is available on the traditional analogue way in Donegal, and in parts of Derry and Tyrone, and also digitally by its online radio stream without territorial restrictions.

Is there no available frequency nearby? Listen online via the internet from anywhere in the world for free! I'll try it!

Frequency map

Last update: 03.06.2023