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SPIN 1038 - 128 Kbps
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About SPIN 1038

Listen online to the internet radio of SPIN 1038 live here, on IrishRadioLive!
SPIN 1038 launched in 2002 and operates as a commercial local radio station in its Dublin studios. SPIN 1038 is in the ownership of Communicorp Group Ltd.
SPIN 1038 is one of the most youthful radios in Ireland with a 15 to 24 target age group, and for satisfying the most dynamic age group, builds up its programme structure with lots of the freshest pop music, mainly from the Top 40 but in specialist programmes alternative styles diverse the music line-up, like house, urban, indie, and as a bonus Irish and Irish alternative music. In the name of youthfulness serious topics are left out from the discussed topics, but refreshing and weightless chit-chats, vivacious conversations invigorate the atmosphere in the time of talk. Hourly short news bulletins with local, national and international news, sports, traffic and weather updates informs the listeners.
SPIN 1038 speeds up the weekday mornings with “Fully Charged” breakfast show led by Graham O’Toole and Nathan O’Reilly.
SPIN 1038 has a spin-off station “SPINXTRA” with similarly youthful approach focused on urban music style.

You can select SPIN1038’s sister station “SPINXTRA” below the player!

SPIN 1038 music genres: pop, Irish

SPIN 1038 is available on the traditional analogue way in County Dublin, and partly in its surrounding areas - for the detailed FM allocation, check the Frequencies section below and the Frequency Map! SPIN 1038 is also available through the internet, we recommend the online radio stream.

SPIN 1038 's slogan: "Hit Music Now"


E-mail: info[kukac]spin1038.com

Postal address: SPIN 1038, Marconi House, Digges Lane, Dublin 2, Ireland

Phone: 01 656 4600 (Check your phone provider about actual call costs)

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/spin1038
Twitter: https://twitter.com/spin1038
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/officialspin1038
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_HBsBNrGuYuqbMeYOmkEgQ
Website: https://www.spin1038.com

SPIN 1038 frequencies

Balbriggan, North Co Dublin - 103.5 FMDublin Region - 103.8 FM
SPIN 1038 Frequency map
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