Radio Troubleshooting

Use the troubleshooter to check if the fault is yours or if there's a problem with the radio's online transmission. To debug, you have to select the radio first, and then the server, after it you can start the search. You don't have to choose a server because the page sets the default server automatically. You have to select the server only if you would like to check another server.
In case of any questions or error, please contact us via the Contact page!

Step 1 - Select the malfunctioning radio!
Step 2 - You can select which server you would like to check. The default is already set automatically.
Final Step - Click on the "Start Troubleshooting" button!

Malfunction types

Audio TAG is not supported

Your browser plays the radio broadcast with the help of an audio TAG, if the browser doesn't support that audio TAG, then it is incapable of the appropriate use of the page. In that case updating the browser or downloading a new browser is required. Today every common browser support it, thus any will be suitable. Nevertheless, we recommend the Chrome browser.

The radio's online transmission is not working

Many times, the technological gremlins can be the cause of the broadcasts' failure, but it is also true, that the radios themselves often underestimate the demand for their online transmission, hence they become overwhelmed, and unattainable because the higher number of audience. In that case, it is better to try another similar radio, and check back later.

Required port is not enabled

The most common fault is that the required ports aren't enabled. This can be caused by an antivirus software, or in the case of company networks, the system administrator. On corporate networks, some ports could be blocked for security reasons, therefore those online radio transmissions which would use the blocked ports can't be received. For example, RTÉ Radio 1 uses the standard 80 port. The browser communicate through that port generally, so it is not disabled in the companies' networks commonly. However Kfm Radio uses the 9307 port, which is not a standard, so it is not used by any popular, common service, hence the system administrators often disable it. If you can contact the company's system administrator, it is worth asking if he is aware of such a ban.
For any further questions, please write to us on the Contact page!